Spider Pest Control Services

Spider Pest Control Services

They’re creepy, they’re crawly, and up to 15% of the population has a phobia of them…Spiders. Spiders can be very beneficial, they are their own sort of pest control. However, no one wants to spot a spider in the shower or in their bedroom. Spider pest control service is one of our most popular service calls.

Several types of spiders can be found in Colorado, many of which are harmless, but there are a few that carry a deadly bite. With a wide variety of species found in Colorado, below are some of the most common ones you’ll find in and around your home.

Funnel Weaver Spiders

The funnel weaver spider is the most common found in homes in Colorado. They tend to enter our homes in the fall when temperatures begin to drop. They are sometimes mistaken for the brown recluse. Unlike the brown recluse, the funnel weaver has darker colors, has four sets of eyes instead of three, and has striped legs. 

spider pest control in Colorado Springs helps keep spiders like this one from invading your home.

Did you know? Each fall, hundreds of tarantulas migrate across La Junta and southeast Colorado?

House/Cobweb Spiders

As you may guess, the house spider, also referred to as the cobweb spider, is typically found in homes. They like dark corners and for the most part are not dangerous. The webs tend to be funnel shaped and are both home and prey catcher. Females can lay up to 250 eggs in one sac at a time, and can lay up to 4,000 eggs in her lifetime. This is a prime reason you need spider pest control services, one spider is bad enough, picture 250 at once!

Wolf Spiders

As you can see from the top photo on this page, the wolf spider is hairy like a wolf. Unlike many of its 8-legged counterparts, the wolf spider does not catch prey in a web. The wolf spider actually hunts its prey, and because of this, moves very quickly. They tend to live under rocks, and will sometimes enter a new build if their original home was disturbed in the building process. They can get up to 5 inches, which results in confusion with tarantulas. Similar to tarantulas, wolf spiders have eight eyes instead of six, but they have much better eyesight so that they can hunt.

Did you know? Baby wolf spiders ride their mothers back for the first few weeks of life.

Widow Spiders

Widow spiders are pretty common in Colorado. Female black widows are one of the most recognizable of all spiders, with her red hourglass shape found on her shiny abdomen. They tend to create their webs near the ground in dark places. Widows can bite, and their bite can be quite dangerous as they carry a nerve venom. If you suspect your child has been bitten by a black widow, they should go to the emergency room immediately. Adults should also try to see a doctor if bitten. If possible, kill and capture the spider and take it to the doctor with you so that they can confirm that it was a widow.

Black widow spider found in Colorado Springs.

In conclusion, if you believe you have a spider problem, give our spider pest control service experts a call (719)331-9646 or contact us here.

“Outstanding company! We had called them to set up monthly treatments to ensure we kept any crawlers away, they came right out and inspected the premises and gave us a treatment schedule! Highly recommend using this company. Their professionalism is top notch!”

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